West Chester woman says man exposed himself

People in a West Chester neighborhood are spreading the word about a man who exposed himself to a woman walking her dog.

"I'm glad she made me aware of it," said a woman who doesn't want to be identified after the disturbing thing that happened in her West Chester neighborhood.

"I was talking to a neighbor of mine who said she was out walking her dog in the morning and a red SUV pulled up and a man exposed himself to her." The woman says the neighbor told her it happened around 7 a.m. the morning on October 22 on the 100 block of West Lafayette Street.

"She told another friend and I just to be aware as we were out walking our dogs keep an eye out," she said. The victim filed a report with West Chester Police about the flasher who she says appeared out of the car completely naked.

Neighbors have been spreading the word asking everyone to be on the lookout.

Jessica Leib and Steve Wakefoose just heard about it this evening.

"I feel like if something happens we know what's going on but I didn't hear anything about this," said Wakefoose. They say it's a tight knit neighborhood with lots of children playing outside and residents often out walking their dogs.

They're surprised the flasher choose such a busy block.

"That corner down there is big group morning pickup site for about 15 or so kids so I'm sure that could have been alarming to them," said Leib.

Neighbors we talked to on and off camera say they haven't seen anything suspicious since the incident. They hope he's caught so he doesn't strike again.

"If I see anything remotely similar I will definitely report that," said a woman.