What's the deal with all the cars at the Wells Fargo Center?

If you drove by the Wells Fargo Center recently you may have seen a parking lot of cars. So what’s the deal?

"Me and my mom walk around here every day and wonder where these cars are coming from," Ria Troilo told FOX 29.

On their daily walk in South Philly, Troilo and her mom have seen the cars, hundreds of them filling the lot, all facing the same way, all different makes, and models from all over the place. 

Turns out, the cars are Enterprise rental cars to be exact. At one point, there were more than 2,000 on the lot since no one is traveling from the airport no one is renting cars.

“They actually reached out to see if they could borrow our parking lot because with the reduction in travel they don’t have enough spots at the airport since Enterprise is a corporate partner and there’s not much going on,” Mike Schwartz. senior vice president, corporate partnerships - Philadelphia Flyers & Wells Fargo Center, said.

The parking that usually goes for $20 bucks a spot is free for all these cars.


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