Woman, 79, Struck By Stray Bullet On Her Own Front Porch

A 79- year- old woman minding her own business just sitting on her porch when gunfire ripped through the night Two of those bullets hit her in the foot and ankle.

That shooter is still on the streets and the woman hit by the bullet says life will never be the same.

79-year old Lula Mae Tillman was simply sitting on her front porch on North 25th Street Tuesday night just after 10:30 pm when she heard an argument up the block and then gun fire.

"The guy said we don't want no trouble. We don't want no trouble. All of a sudden the guy throw his hand up and I said oh my god I think he getting ready to start shooting and he did," Tillman said.

Ms. Tillman ran for her life, but fell in the doorstep and was struck twice by stray bullets, once in the ankle, and a second time in the left leg.

"I said oh my god I've been shot and I called my son and said I've been shot. I've been shot," Tillman said.

Police say it was just after 10:30 when the shots rang out. Two bullets struck this car. One went through the windshield, shattering the rear view mirror. The other went through the roof. The shooter was only 50 feet away.

"Based on ballistic evidence we know that at least two shots were fire from a semi-automatic weapon. We found two spent shell casings on the highway," Philadelphia Police Chief Scott Small said.

The bullet is still in Ms. Tillman's ankle and she is still in pain. The North Philly resident has lived in her home since 1963. She likes to sit on the front porch and enjoy the summer evenings, but those days are probably over.

"I ain't sitting on my porch at night no more," she told FOX 29.

Ms. Tillman did not see the gunman because it was dark. Police have no description or a motive in the shooting, but said Tillman was clearly not the target.

Police are reviewing surveillance video. Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact 911.