Woman Found Dead in Daughter's Hospital Room

A tragedy in Ohio this week, as a woman was found dead inside the hospital room of her infant daughter.

On Thursday morning, medical staff entered the room at Cincinnati Children's Hospital to check on the seven-month-old child and found that both the child's mother and father were unconscious in different parts of the room. The mother, Mary Ann Landers, was pronounced dead at the scene, but the father, Wesley, was revived, after he was found in the bathroom with a gun in his pocket.

The father faces charges of drug possession, carrying a concealed weapon and unlawfully possessing a weapon despite a prior conviction.

Police said heroin was the drug used by both parents.

"For us, it shocks the conscience that you could have your child right there, and heroin is so powerful, so overwhelming, and you just do the drug knowing the possibility you could die," Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan said.