Woman gives birth in Taco Bell parking lot: 'We deserve some nachos out of this'

A Pennsylvania woman gave birth in a Taco Bell parking lot last week after her newborn daughter just couldn't wait to make it to the hospital.

Kelsey Sturm said she began driving to the hospital after she woke up with contractions. But baby Maddie just couldn't wait, so Sturm pulled over into a West Mifflin Taco Bell parking lot and called 911.

"The 911 operator told me to find something to tie her cord with, and I had nothing," Sturm told WTAE-TV. "So I found a ribbon that I had in my car, so [Maddie] had a shiny silver ribbon tying her cord."

The new mother said her daughter came into the world with only one push. Sturm plans to tell Maddie all about the unique story of her birth, but in the meantime, she's got her eye on some food.

"I think that we at least deserve some nachos out of this because that happened," Sturm said.

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