SREDENSCHEK: Lessons learned from preseasons past

The Eagles are getting ready for their third preseason game this Saturday night in Indianapolis, with history as a guide.

At least for fans it should be.

Last year in Green Bay, the Eagles played their starters for most of the first half in game 3. It was a final tune-up for the starters. Sam Bradford was 10-10 for 121 yards and 3 touchdowns. In the 1st quarter. All proclaimed that Sam was fully healthy, and the Eagles offense was ready to re-write the record book.

Only there was one small problem. Somebody forgot to tell the Packers that night.

They played vanilla defensive packages (I don't eat vanilla ice cream myself) and presented no challenges. Still, we drank the Kool-Aid. Even Merrill Reese, who never buys into preseason, thought Joe Montana had signed a 1-year deal. He admits it was one of the biggest mistakes of his broadcast career.

So as we get ready for Saturday in Indy, temper the enthusiasm. The Cleveland Browns will be here on September 11. Wake me up then.