Weather Authority: Mild, sunny Columbus Day slated for Philadelphia

A mild, sunny Columbus Day is slated for Philadelphia and surrounding areas Monday.

Morning temps will start in the mid-50s and warm into the mid-60s by noontime. Thermometers around the city will continue to climb into the 70s by 2 p.m. and peak at 72 by late afternoon. 

Philly residents can expect plenty of sunshine Monday with intermittent clouds. FOX 29's Forecast by the Numbers grades Monday an 8 out of 10.

The favorable conditions will hang around into Tuesday, with slightly cooler temps. The high for Tuesday will reach 66 under sunny skies, creating a near-perfect fall day.

Rain will move into the region Wednesday before the sunshine and cooler temps return to finish off the week.

Monday: Sunny, mild; High: 73

Tuesday: Sunny, cooler; High: 66, Low: 48

Wednesday: Rain, cool; High: 68, Low: 51

Thursday: Sunny, breezy; High: 60, Low: 48

Friday: Crisp, cool; High: 62, Low: 49