Winter Outlook 2020-2021: Warmer temperatures, below average snowfall

Our FOX 29 Weather Authority team has been looking at models and crunching the numbers to get a better idea of what we can expect this winter.

La Nina will play a major role during the winter of 2020-2021 impacting our temperatures and snowfall.

In a La Nina winter, there are overall above average temperatures even though there will be some cold spells. It will most likely lead to less heavy snow and more rain or mixed events.

That means only five trips to the grocery store for milk, bread, and eggs. We may be making more snowballs with extra toilet paper.

The coldest month of the winter will be January followed by an above average February. 

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At least one storm this season will bring six inches or more of snow.

Our seasonal snowfall will be much higher than last year's record low snowfall of .3 inches, but less than the average seasonal snowfall of 22.4 inches.

The FOX 29 Weather Authority is forecasting 18 inches of snow in Philadelphia and its suburbs for the 2020-2021 winter season.


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