InsiderAdvantage/FOX 29 poll shows Fetterman leading Oz, Shapiro in double-digit lead over Mastriano

A New Insider Advantage/FOX 29 Philadelphia poll shows Democratic nominee John Fetterman leading Dr. Mehmet Oz by a narrow margin in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate Race. 

The poll, which surveyed 550 likely voters, shows just how tight the race is between the top two candidates with just a few weeks left before election day on Nov. 8. The poll has a margin of error of 4.2%

Fetterman leads in the polling with 45%, slightly ahead of Oz and his 42%. 8% of those polled say they’re undecided in that race, while Libertarian candidate Erik Gerhardt came in at about 2%. 

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Fetterman’s lead in the poll falls within the margin of error.

Meanwhile, the race for Governor of Pennsylvania does not appear to be quite as competitive. 

Josh Shapiro (Left) has built a double digit lead over Doug Mastriano (Right) in the race for Governor of Pennsylvania, according to a new InsiderAdvantage/FOX 29 Philadelphia poll.

Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro leads GOP nominee in the polling by double digits. Shapiro came in at 52%, as Mastriano came in at 37%. Libertarian candidate Matt Hackenberg finished at 3%, while 7% of those polled said they remained undecided in that race. 

InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery says the results indicate two very different contests heading into their final weeks. 

"The U.S. Senate race is within the survey’s margin of error, suggesting a tight race. Senior voters and women favor Fetterman by more than ten points, while men and voters under the age of 65 more likely to vote for Oz. Voters who describe themselves as independent split evenly between the two major candidates. The percent of undecided voters remains relatively high, and the percent of undecided independent voters is usually high at 22%" he said. 

"While the race for the Senate appears highly competitive and up for grabs, the race for Governor of Pennsylvania is not particularly close. Shapiro leads Mastriano among men and women and among voters aged 40 and over. This contest has fewer undecided voters, he added"

Towery says it’s not yet clear how Mastriano’s showing so far may affect his fellow GOP nominee on Election Day.t

"To what extent Mastriano’s weaker performance impacts Oz’s chances for a victory remains unclear. It is somewhat unusual to have one candidate from a political party at the top of the ballot significantly underperform in a survey while another top of the ballot contest has the nominee from that party performing much better. But we are seeing several races around the nation where this seems to be occurring."