Are You KIDding Me?: Spencer the kid

For one mom, money almost got in the way of music - until she found a Philadelphia program.

That group is stepping up, ready to pay for everything, so her sons can play classical music. It's something she couldn't otherwise afford. FOX 29's Lauren Johnson has this incredible story.

"Spencer the kid" is small in stature but big in talent. The 8-year-old, now in the third grade, started at age 6 and plays the bass, an instrument that's bigger than he is.

His instructor, Ms. Heather, says he has "incredible drive and energy and interest in music," and his determination is desirable in any student.

He's a miniature music maven inspired by musical giants, some famous, others family. His older brother, Max, is a successful accomplished violinist.

Both boys are able to explore music through "The Primavera Fund," which sponsors musical ambitions for young, promising Philadelphians - funding everything from lessons to instruments.

"I'm beyond grateful," says his mother, Belinda Chambers.

She said money and music helped save her sons from the street and takes them to a whole different level of confidence.

After just a few hours with us, he's off to third grade as a next-generation music game changer.

Johnson has more in this video report!

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