1 killed, 4 injured in North Philadelphia shooting

Police are investigating after a shooting left one dead and four injured in North Philadelphia.

Zakia Mathis says her 5-year-old son Anthony was simply riding his bike in front of his home Saturday night when a barrage of gunfire sent her scrambling.

"I just heard gunshots and heard my baby crying. I didn't think he was hit til I picked him up and saw the blood," Mathis told FOX 29 Monday night.

"At least five suspects we believe opened fire," Homicide Unit Captain John Ryan said.

Anthony was shot in the knee and raced to the hospital. He was one of five people shot or killed at 20th and Susquehanna just after 11 p.m. Saturday night. Dozens gathered at the shooting scene Monday night to remember 21-year-old Kameron Gilfillian and call for action.

"That's just ridiculous, something's gotta change, something's gotta stop. They need to move people off the block cause it's not safe for a our kids to play," Mathis said.

"I don't want this to go in vain. We gotta stop hurting each other," Gilfillian's mother, Kelly Thompson, said at a vigil Monday night.

"Great person, strong willed, outspoken, dedicated worker. Great father to his son," Tracy Porter said.

Porter was Kam's brother. Kam was shot and killed after returning from dinner with his father. Family and friends launched black and gold balloons in his memory.

"Great father. Son loves him like. EveryTime you see him full with joy that son loved his dad," Porter explained.

"This is not the way it's supposed to be," Commissioner Richard Ross said during a tour of the neighborhood.

Only FOX 29 was there as Commissioner Ross and 22nd District officers came to the neighborhood where the shooting occurred. The commissioner says the shooting is almost incomprehensible.

"It breaks the heart of all the men and women in this department when you see a child get shot. Thank God he's gonna survive," Commissioner Ross said.

"Anybody got any information on my son, please come forward," Kelly Thompson said. "He was a good boy. He was only 21 years old."

"Now, he don't want to come outside. He keeps saying he's gonna get shot," Mathis said.

Captain Ryan says Kameron Gilfillian was the intended target and the shooting may have been the result of an earlier argument or disagreement. Police going through surveillance video from the shooting scene to see if they can identify the gunmen.