10-year-old dog adopted after spending 1,134 days in shelter

Capone, a 10-year-old Labrador retriever mix, spent more than three years at the Animal Friends shelter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before finally being adopted into his forever home on Dec. 10. 

"Despite being Animal Friends' longest-term resident, the team at Animal Friends never gave up in their search for his perfect match," the shelter wrote in a press release. "With some very specific behavioral and medical challenges, the dedicated team of staff and volunteers worked with him each day to ensure he was receiving the best possible care while preparing to find a family he could call his own."

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Even more excited for Capone’s new chapter in life was his new family.

Capone the 10-year-old Labrador retriever mix photographed.

"Since we've welcomed Capone into our home, his transformation has been truly amazing," said Capone's new family, who had been fostering the canine for several weeks prior to his official adoption. "His anxiety has diminished quickly and continues to melt away. He is a good and loving boy who enjoys snuggling and family life. We attribute his success to the care and training he received from the devoted staff and volunteers at Animal Friends, and we thank them for their efforts."

Animal Friends recently posted a video on Facebook celebrating the 1,134 days Capone spent in the shelter’s care. 

"We’re still celebrating the happy news of Capone’s adoption last week and we know how much he was loved by our staff, volunteers and supporters of Animal Friends!" the shelter wrote. 

Capone’s close friend and companion, Anita DeBaise, who volunteers at the shelter, expressed joy that Capone will finally have a loving home and family to call his own.

"I will really miss our time together – playing in the play yard, enrichment, training where Capone showed how smart he was and mostly the time we just sat together and snuggled," said DeBiase. "Capone will always have a special place in my heart but now has everything he deserves: a loving family who will love him and accept him for the wonderful dog he truly is."