13-year-old Cherry Hill boy claims he was attacked by group of teens for new bike

A 13-year-old boy from Cherry Hill claims he was attacked for his new bike he worked all summer to buy. 

Christian Lopez has two black eyes after the attack. He says he’s a little bruised but really bothered that a group of teens, who were wearing red bandanas over their faces, jumped him on Monday afternoon in the quiet Cherry Hill neighborhood off of Route 38.

"They were yelling, screaming like give me your bike my friend," he told FOX 29. "There was a girl there. She recorded it and ran."

The Cherry Hill Police Department says they are investigating the case. 

Christian's mom finds it unsettling that children are terrorizing other children in broad daylight.  

"You let your children go out and play thinking you’re in a good area and something like that wouldn’t happen here and it did," Jessica Peralta said.

Christian and his mom are sharing their story as a wake-up call to people who live nearby.  They’re hoping someone might have surveillance footage of these teens strutting through the area of Edward and Helena avenues looking for trouble. 

"I don’t want them to come back and try again or try and get my friends, try to beat up someone else and steal their bike. I don't wish that on nobody," Christian said.

The teens did not get away with Christian's bike. 


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