16-year-old shot and killed in Kensington, grieving aunt speaks out

"I got to bury my nephew."

A grieving aunt, upon hearing of the loss of her 16 year old nephew, shot in the back just before two this afternoon.

Police, not releasing many details, but they searched two crime scenes on Orleans Street in Kensington.

One by Frankford Avenue, where shots may have first been fired.

And then a second, three blocks to the north at Orleans and Ruth Streets, where this silver Chrysler came to a stop, with at least three bullet holes in the trunk.

Police found the 16 year old boy inside the car. It's not clear if others were in the car with him. The boy was rushed by police to Temple University hospital, where he died.

His aunt says, despite challenges at home, he was about to start his junior year in high school, and played football.

"He's a good kid, I go to my brother's house. I look in the basement, all his cleats, everything down there, he played ball, that's what he did. That's what he do, he go to school and try his best, that's it. All he wanted to do is live life. And I got to bury my nephew."