2 men critical after shooting in Southwest Philadelphia

Police are looking for whoever is responsible for shooting two men in the Elmwood section of Philadelphia and leaving them in critical condition.

Gunshots rang out around midnight on the 6600 block of Woodland Avenue right across the street from a restaurant where JATU Freeman said she was working.

"I saw people falling onto the floor going under the table. They all tried to take cover. That's all they tried to do," said Freeman.

Despite ducking for cover, police say bullets struck two men, both in their twenties and both transported to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in critical condition.

Freeman said she didn't know it was that bad.

"It was scary," Freeman added.

It was also scary for Makula Dukuly who lives and works across the street with her teenaged grandchildren.

"We hear the bullet sound. They say, 'Mommy, mommy.' I say, 'Yeah, I heard the sound,'" Dukuly said.

Dukuly said this is the second close call they've had. Last month, a bullet flew through their living room window. Police are working to gather evidence after a violent night outside Dukuly's door.

There are multiple surveillance cameras on the block. Police will be pulling the footage to help them put the pieces of the double shooting together.

People who live and work on the block said they don't understand the recent spike in violence. It's especially surprising because it's happening just one block from the 12th District Police Station.