2nd person arrested for University Park fire captain's murder

Police have arrested and charged the wife of a University Park fire captain with planning her husband's murder.

Royse City police are actively investigating the murder of University Park Fire Captain Robert Poynter.

Chacey Poynter, Robert's wife, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder while Michael Garza is charged with murder.

Step by step, investigators search the spot where Robert Poynter was found shot dead in his truck Friday night before 11 p.m.

While the suspects are behind bars, the hunt for the weapon is ongoing, off FM 35 near Hunt County Road 2595 in Royse City, on Joe Herndon's property. The area is now graced with a sign for the respected University Park fire captain.

University Park Fire Chief Randy Howell is trying to come to grips with Robert's murder, and the people police say are responsible.

"I've received a lot of early morning phone calls in my 31 years in the fire service," said Howell. "This was among the most difficult to comprehend."

Police have not disclosed the nature of the suspects' relationship, but a longtime friend of Garza said the two "recently became friends."

Police say Chacey was standing in the street Friday night, flagging down cars, and told the officer called to the scene that her husband had been shot then gave conflicting information.

"We're trying to do everything we can to make sure that he's honored, that his family is taken care of and that we remember him in a way that is worthy of his service," said Howell.

Nearly 20 years of service that led Robert to New Orleans in 2005 to search for survivors after Hurricane Katrina and landed him as one of the commanders last month fighting the fire at Goff's Hamburgers in 107-degree heat.

Robert leaves behind three daughters -- ages 21, 17 and 6. He had just returned from Mexico with his wife of seven years.

"He was just a great man. He was pleasant to be around," said Howell. "He was enjoyable to be around. He was encouraging."

A friend says Garza is a truck driver.

Neighbors say Chacey is a dental assistant and also bakes and decorates cakes.

Chacey's family issued a statement Sunday saying that they were shocked and saddened by the tragedy and have the Poynter family in their prayers.

Robert's funeral is Thursday in Sanger. Firefighters are planning to be a part of the service.