3-year-old patrols the streets of Swarthmore

Is there a law against being this cute? Ryder Simms had just gone 'on duty' patrolling the driveway of his Swarthmore home in a battery-powered police cruiser when we arrived. Simms is serious about protecting his neighborhood, which is pretty impressive for a 3-year old.

"I have not a clue," said his mother, Alana, when asked what started this obsession. "As a baby, kids kind of gear toward Bob the Builder, and he just always geared toward police or firefighter stuff. And it was just a love from the start."

Alana says Ryder spends most of each day riding around in his police car, wears his police uniform just about 24/7 and rarely removes his police hat.

The street hockey goals in the driveway serve as a makeshift jail cell for lawbreakers. And don't dare drive down the block faster than this lawman feels is appropriate, or you'll face the wrath of his whistle!

"He is officer Ryder," says mom. "He will tell you he is officer Ryder."

Ryder and his mom paid a visit to his fellow officers at the Ridley Township Police Department Thursday and brought along a little gift. A thank-you from their biggest-- little-- fan.

As Alana explains, "When we went to the bakery, he wanted to get a whole box of cookies for the police officers, and we brought them over" to what he calls the 'police house.'

Ryder was born seven weeks premature. He is developmentally delayed and has Sensory Processing Disorder. New experiences can throw him for a loop. But when he's in uniform, all is right in his world.

"That gives him security to where he can actually function," Alana told FOX 29's Bruce Gordon, "And he can take that transition and make it a little easier for him.

"He's definitely in his own place. This is where he belongs."

Mom says few things come easily for her little guy, but his affection for the men and women in blue, bring a smile to her face.

"It's just wonderful to watch him love something so much. It gives him such pride."