3rd grader brings prescription pills to class and hands them out to other students

Parents at one school in Texas are wondering why they weren't notified when a third grader brought prescription pills to their class and handed them out.

At Western Hills Elementary School in West Fort Worth, Texas, lessons for a third grade class didn't go as planned Thursday.

Rachel Marsden, a parent said, "Yeah, no. We're focusing on kids bringing pills to school."

Another parent, Jenn Warren said, "You don't need to learn how to get your stomach pumped when you're in third grade. That's not really a thing."

These two moms are outraged after Fort Worth ISD says a third grader brought prescription pills to class and passed them out to seven classmates.

"For us adults it's dangerous to take. Could you imagine a kid taking it? An adult pill... what it could do to them. That's scary," Marsden said.

The district says two students, including the girl who brought the pills to class, ingested them and were rushed to the hospital by ambulance, but are okay.

Officials couldn't say what type of medicine it was.

"There could be seven dead children that are in my daughter's class," Warren said.

Rachel Marsden and Jenn Warren both have daughters in that class.

"She saw white powder everywhere," Marsden said.

While they don't blame the school for the incident, they question why administrators didn't tell parents.

Warren said, "I should have gotten a phone call."

Marsden said, "I'm mad. Very mad."

After their daughters told them school counselors brought them in to talk about stomach pumping, both moms say they went to school Friday looking for answers, but were brushed off.

A letter did eventually go out, acknowledging the incident saying:

"Although the incident requires discretion, action would be taken."

Marsden said, "I never thought we'd be dealing with this in the third grade. Middle school, maybe. Third grade, no."