5-year-old girl sexually attacked and urinated on by little boys

Police in Twin Falls, Idaho are investigating after a 5-year-old girl was sexually attacked by several little boys.

The young victim was urinated on and raped by several little boys in laundry room of the Fawn Brook Apartments.

Luckily, 89-year-old Grandma Jo found the group of kids before the attack could get any worse.

Grandma Jo said she was at her house when she noticed a boy from the complex taking photos outside the laundry room.

"I said, 'what are you doing,' he said, 'oh nothing just taking pictures.' And I said of what, and he said, 'oh nothing,'" Grandma Jo explained.

Since she had a feeling something wasn't right, she went over to the laundry room to see what was going on.

When Grandma Jo opened the door, she found the little girl naked with the two little boys. The young victim pleaded for Grandma Jo's help, and when she went over to pick up the little girl she realized she was covered in urine.

Grandma Jo called the police, and made the little boys stand near the laundry room until the police arrived.

The little girl went to the hospital in an ambulance with her father where doctors revealed she had been raped.

Grandma Jo said the little girl came over her house two or three times to thank her since the horrific incident.

"They are just little boys yes, but little boys shouldn't do those things," said Grandma Jo.