52-year-old looks to be in her 20s, credits smile, healthy diet, and lots of coconut oil

How does she do it?!

Social worker Pamela Jacobs doesn't look a day over 30, but she's actually 52-years-old - and has a 21-year-old son to prove it!

Jacobs, from Leeds in England, looks so young that she claims she's been offered student discounts for train fares and is often told that she must be lying when she states her real age.

"Men do comment on my looks and say things like "I don't believe you" or "You must be lying",' she says. 'I always say, what woman would actually add years on?" Jacobs said to the Daily Mail.

The mother-of-one also says that her mother and siblings suffer from the youthful curse as well.

She credits good genes, a healthy diet, lots of exercise, and plenty of coconut oil to her glowing looks.

In addition, every week she goes to a sauna and steam, exfoliates her face every other day, and doesn't leave the house without wearing sunscreen.

But Jacobs says she doesn't try to bring much attention to her looks.

"I'm not sure I would clean a car in a bikini - there are some limits when you have a 21-year-old son," she said to the Daily Mail. "I do still wear little denim shorts in the garden though."

Her son isn't quite so happy that his mom gets attention from younger men and they both get embarrassed when people mistake the 52-year-old for his girlfriend.

"A while ago someone my son knows thought I was his girlfriend," she chuckles. "And some people I know have thought the same in reverse."

"It's flattering but I prefer men of a similar age to me," she explained. She also pointed out that having a 21-year-old son "puts that [dating a twenty-something] into perspective."

Jacobs turns 53 next month and says that some signs of aging are starting to peek through, such as fatigue and menopause.

However, she continues with her normal routine including going to a weekly body conditioning class and keeping on track with her healthy diet filled with leafy greens and coconut oil.

"I'm a big coconut oil lover," she explained. "My mother used it on our hair and skin when we were younger and I've carried on.

"I use Biona Organic Coconut Oil for cooking, in coffee, for removing make-up, for hair treatments and on my body twice a day as a moisturizer."

But despite the healthy diet and moisturizers, Jacobs says that the main thing when it comes to looking young is right on your face.

"I think the secret of eternal youth is to smile every day," she says. "The best thing about looking young is that it makes me feel good and gives me confidence.

"I'm not perfect and have flaws like everyone else but I am grateful for what I do have."