8-year-old girl writes letter to Santa for a new home after rental scam splits family up

A Detroit girl doesn't want the latest toy or technology this Christmas. She's just wishing for a new home for her family so they can be together again. 

"I want a PlayStation, I want some toys, I want a baby doll - no, I don't want any of the stuff," said Jyteion Washington. "I just want a home."

Jyteion's family lost their home this summer after falling prey to a rental scam. They rented a house from a man who did not own it and were eventually evicted. Life has not been the same since.

"We were at my friend's house, we were at my grandma's house, and then we went back to my friend's house," she said. Now Jyteion, her siblings and their mother are split up.

Some of the kids are living with a close family friend, others with their dad and their mom with one of the kids’ grandparents.

"I am missing my mom, I really want to be with her," Jyteion said.

FOX 2: "How special would it be if your mom was able to get a place for all you to live together?"

"It would be so special, like, I miss my two brothers and I miss my sister," she said, coming to tears. "I want her to be with her son and I want to be with my big brothers."

Jytieon Washington, 8, wants a home for Christmas for her family.

Those tears moved Jyteion to type a letter to FOX 2 Detroit in hopes we could get it to Santa. 

The letter included this: "I know kids want toys and stuff for Christmas, I don't want any of that, I just want a house for my sister, my brothers and my mom. I just want her to smile and be like she used to be. I just want my mother and sister to come home and my brothers so we can be a family."

Jyteion’s mother, Taronta Washington, heard those words for the first time Wednesday night.

"It’s heartbreaking. They shouldn’t have to be going through all this. They deserve better," Washington said.

Jytieon Washington's family.

And this Christmas better is what Jyteion wants for her family. 

And there’s some urgency with this wish. Taronta Washington is working to gain custody of her grandson and says she has to secure housing next week.

An online fundraising page has been set up to help the family be together by Christmas. If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so here