88-year-old gets coronavirus vaccine shot from special nurse - her grandson

It's a big day on the job for Richard Simkow who works as a registered nurse at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn. His 88-year-old grandmother Katherine Simkow went to receive her coronavirus vaccine

"You'll have to slip your jacket off because I need your arm free," Richard said.

"You're not going to hurt grandma are you?" she said, laughing.

"Of course not," he said.

And just like that, she got a quick poke.

"When are you going to do it?" she said.

"I'm all done," he said. 

One vaccine down and a second one will come a few weeks later

"That wasn't too bad was it?" Richard said.

"No, that's it?"

For this grandmother knowing that her grandson is working to fight COVID-19 is an honor.

"It was so nice my grandson gave it to me," she said. 

"I thought it would be something fun I got to share with her," he said.

Although this grandmother has several family members, including her grandson, who work at Beaumont - she makes it clear she did not jump the line to get vaccinated. 

"Definitely not, I don't want anyone to think I did," Katherine said.

Richard and Katherine Simkow.

Getting the vaccine is important for this family. Richard is not only a medical worker - he's also a coronavirus survivor 

"I was diagnosed with Covid and my wife who is a nurse practitioner was also diagnosed with Covid," he said. 

Richard and his wife had mild symptoms, but unfortunately, he said he's seen many patients who did survive. He's encouraging all who qualify to get vaccinated 

"I'm encouraging everybody to get vaccinated and just take care of one another and look forward to a better tomorrow," he said.