9-year-old swings baseball bat tied to brother's loose tooth

We're calling it another case of Bryce Harper fever. In Newtown Square, a father and four siblings decided to take the ol' "tooth tied to a string and shut the door" hack to another level to remove 7-year-old Owen Sullivan's first loose tooth.

"To welcome him to Philly, give him some energy," says Jonathan Sullivan, 9.

"Show a little Philly toughness," says his father, Jonathan Sullivan.

In a video posted to YouTube, Owen says, "Hey Bryce Harper, this is how you pull your first tooth out in Philly."

It shows a string tied from Owen's loose tooth to a wooden baseball bat, held by his brother Jonathan. It then pans to his 6-year-old brother Travis with a ball, ready to pitch, and his 3-year-old sister, Scarlett, watching it all.

The video captures the pitch and swing, which is a toss-up between a "ball" and "foul hit" and Owen's brief moment of shock.

The camera then moves to a white tooth in the carpet, followed by fits of laughter by the siblings.

"My tooth popped right out," says Owen.

When we asked him if he was scared, he said, "Not at all kind of."

The boys', excited for Harper's first season with the Phillies, hope he watches the video to learn a little bit about "Philly toughness." In the meantime, they are in talks about how to remove Owen's next loose tooth.