A Little Boy's Gesture Brought an Officer to Tears at Dunkin' Donuts

(FOX News)- A little boy brightened one Florida deputy's day by paying for his breakfast.

On "Fox and Friends," Heather Nauert told us that Broward County Deputy Donnie Jackson was brought to tears when a little boy declared that he would be picking up his Dunkin' Donuts tab.

We had to share this post from Deputy Jackson. With so much negative attention around law enforcement, we were so happy...

Jackson said that he smiled and declined the offer, but the boy's parents said that their son insisted on buying breakfast because he appreciates the "thankless job" that officers do.

"It's a good thing I had on my Oakley's because I really teared up," Jackson said on Facebook. "In closing, I really appreciated this kind act by this kid and the fine qualities being instilled in him by his parents!"

Full story from FOX News.