Abraham Lincoln High School Lockdown Lifted

A lockdown was lifted at Abraham Lincoln High School at 12:22 p.m. Friday.

Police say at approximately 11:09 AM, Abraham Lincoln High School located at 3201 Ryan Avenue was placed on lockdown. According to police, the school was placed on lockdown due to information that was received from two student witnesses (15 year old males) who stated that while walking past another student in the school parking lot, a student/suspect whispered to them something about a gun.

The School Police Officer who was escorting the two students back to school then asked the two students what the suspect had said to them. After receiving the information regarding what was said by the suspect/student, the school was placed on lockdown, police say. According to police, upon a search of the school and the grounds, the student/suspect (16 year old male) was located in the cafeteria; the check of the student and the school for a gun was negative.

Police say no gun was observed, nor were any threats made against the school, students, or staff.