Abused Dog Experiences Kindness and Learns to be Happy Again

A story of an abused dog that has been going viral has had an uplifting ending with the dog in question going on to find a loving foster home.

The video showed the dog, who was staying in Breasta shelter in Craiova, Romania, screaming in fear while he was being stroked by a rescuer worker and has been viewed over 31,000 times. The video was first posted by Monica Mitreanu on November 11.

Today in Breasta.

Since the initial heartbreaking video, Mitreanu has posted additional videos, showing the dog, renamed Kayne, enjoying a lot of cuddles and looking like a much happier and cared for mutt.

The scared puppy is ok now! :)

He was transported to the UK for fostering on December 19.

In a comment on December 21, Kerry Wollacott, who works with a team of rescuers connected with the Breasta shelter, confirmed that Kayne would stay in foster care for the time being until he built up his confidence.

Crying boy is home!!!! Thank you Frances McGrath Dodu Barbu and Monica Mitreanu can't wait for updates!