Air Force technical sergeant returns home from deployment, meets baby for first time

A U.S. Air Force technical sergeant and Hatboro resident got to meet his new child for the first time in a heartwarming reunion as he returned home from deployment. 

U.S. Air Force Technical Sgt. Kevin Bliem was deployed in Southwest Asia for the past 10 months. He was a father of three when he left, but now is a father of four. The family recently welcomed a baby boy named Callum.

"I found out just after Christmas that we were having a fourth. I didn't know when I left, so it was a little shocking to me as well too," said Bliem.

He continued, "It's a blessing. He's a beautiful baby. He's just awesome. I can't wait to get to know him better and everything."

Bliem's wife Christina, a kindergarten teacher, continued to raise their three other children, all between two and six years old, while pregnant. Christina says that the family FaceTimed, and that Kevin was able to witness the birth of his son via technology. 

"It was nice to at least be there through FaceTime. At the very least, how the circumstance were. It's been wild," Bliem said.

Christina continued, "He's been deployed before and we couldn't even talk to him or see him, so I was happy he could at least have that moment."

The Bliem family and friends decorated the neighborhood and made several signs of appreciation.

"We are pretty new to the neighborhood, two years living here, and everyone has just been phenomenal as far as support," said Christina. 

The coronavirus pandemic forced Bliem to stay in Asia for a month longer than originally scheduled, but he now says that he plans to enjoy time with his family.


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