Airline crew returns lost hat to Vietnam vet

A local Vietnam vet recently lost his hat on a flight, so he posted a plea on Facebook for its return. Well, the right person was reading that post and the airline crew showed up at his front door with his hat.

75-year-old John Reber, of Blandon, Berks County, spent countless hours answering the thousands and thousands of responses he received from all 50 states after his Facebook post went viral.

Reber posted about the loss of his veteran's hat on a Spirit Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Orlando Feb. 1. Reber forgot it in an overhead bin. The Vietnam vet served in the Navy on the USS Hornet and was an aircraft hydraulic mechanic The hat means the world to him.

After searching the airport and checking lost and founds, Reber had all but given up when a friend suggested he post it on Facebook and the power of social media prevailed.

The flight attendant had given the hat to the airlines' gate attendant. When she saw the post she contacted Reber verifying with him that it was indeed the hat.

It arrived but not by mail and FOX 29 cameras were rolling during the big surprise. Some of the crew from Spirit Airlines flew into Philadelphia and showed up at Reber's doorstep Friday afternoon to deliver the prized possession in person.

Reber was stunned and almost speechless over the surprise special delivery The Vietnam veteran and retired police chief was in awe of this kind and thoughtful gesture. He says this hat is more than a hat now--it's a symbol of his fellow Americans love.