Are we preparing for the Monday hangover?

Everyone seems to be preparing for the Eagles and Patriots showdown on February 4.

There are parties and food and fun, but one thing fans may not be preparing for? Monday. The day after.

What a high this city is on. Everyone's in such a good mood and now, the weekend is here. And, not just a two-day weekend.

"Three day, four day. No, this is a three day weekend, you kidding?"

It's been a rough week for getting work done. It's hard to keep the Eagles fan contained.

So if the Birds have a productive day Sunday, it's probably a certainty that the rest of Philadelphia won't next week.

"When was the last time you had a productive day at work? Tuesday maybe? I mean, a real, full day? Tuesday at best. It's getting worse every day," said Ed Caruso.

And, he's a boss.

FOX 29 asked an expert on human behavior from Cabrini University. Win or lose, how in the world can anyone in the Delaware Valley possibly be expected to perform on Monday?

"Besides the fact that a lot of people probably won't be at work Monday, anyway. I think that you'll see some productivity decline in the short term," said Doctor Todd Matthews.

Let's face it. The decline probably started with the party after the Eagles' last win.

Studies show about 30% of fans with their team in the Super Bowl will be no-shows at work the next day.

In fact, one New Jersey school district even put out a notice that there's at least some concern of a school bus driver shortage on Monday.

And a survey of human resource experts found that seven in ten think the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.

Janet Cunningham owns a business with 70 employees. FOX 29 asked her if she'd understand if some missed work.

"Well, I don't know how much I should say on tv. Your employees are listening. They're listening and then they won't show up," Cunningham said.

Employees are one thing. But, college students?

If 20 are normally in Dr. Matthews' Monday class, FOX 29 asked him to guesstimate about this Monday.

"I'm gonna go with ten. I'll go 50 percent and I think that's on the high end," Dr. Matthews said.