As flu season begins, high-dose vaccines could be delayed

Don't be surprised if you have to wait to get the flu shot due to a delay in the high-dose vaccine reaching some doctor's offices.

"So we got started about a week later than we usually do this year in administering the flu vaccine," Dr. Matthew McCarthy with Drexel Hill Pediatric Associates said. "The updated influenza A strain somewhat delayed the production this year."

He says they're stocked up now on that. However, he warns shots for seniors 65 and older still may be delayed here and there because of a fourth strain called for by World Health officials that was added to the recommended high-dose vaccine.

"Essentially, it comes in spurts so it all of a sudden becomes available," Dr. McCarthy explained. "People will be able to receive their dose and there'd be another delay for a brief period of time."

Area doctors tell FOX 29 they're not worried about running out of either type of flu vaccine as we saw happen some years ago.

Delaware County's senior medical advisor says he's more concerned about getting every member of a household, especially adults, vaccinated along with children.

Dr. McCarthy offers adults, parents and guardians flu vaccines at the same time that children get their shots.

"Nobody should be concerned that they wouldn't be able to get their flu vaccine this flu season. It's still wise to get it now," he said.

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