ATV riding suspect sought after striking detective, officer

Police in Camden County are continuing to search for a man who was driving an ATV when he struck a police officer and a detective, injuring both of them. Authorities are calling the suspect's behavior 'attempted murder.'

The incident occurred on Saturday night after police say they saw the driver tampering with equipment at a gas station off Broadway and Mt. Vernon Street around 11:15 p.m.

Surveillance video of the moments leading up to the incident show the man they say rammed an ATV into a Camden County Police detective, and driving over his face before taking off.

According to police, Detective Kenneth Egan and his partner Officer Nicole Berry were investigating a robbery when they spotted the suspect tampering with the gas station pumps.

The officers pulled over and approached the suspect, and that's when they say he sped towards them, ramming the cruiser door, which struck Officer Berry in the head as she got out of the car. Detective Egan ran to help her, when the ATV sped towards him.

Detective Egan was knocked backward by the ATV and knocked unconscious when his head hit the pavement, and the ATV then went over him.

Egan suffered a severe concussion and bruised ribs, while Berry suffered cuts and bruises to her face.

Police say rogue ATV riders are a major problem in the city and this suspect was part of a group of five riders trolling the city that night.

The ATV was described as a black racing style vehicle.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Camden County Police Department tip line at 856-757-7042.