Authorities search for man accused of assaulting SEPTA trolley operator

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Authorities say a SEPTA trolley operator was assaulted on the job.

According to SEPTA, this all happened last week, along the Route 101 trolley.

SEPTA officials were stunned when they found out why the passenger allegedly punched the driver.

"It appears to be he's upset because he slept through his station stop. The average person would just say, 'Okay, I slept through my stop. I'll cross the street and get on the next trolley going back,' But instead, they get irate and every once in a blue moon they assault our operators," said SEPTA Police Captain Daryl Jones.

When the man shown in the video got off near the Springfield Mall stop in Delaware County, police say, the man hit the operator and took off.

"it was unnecessary. It appears to be an irate passenger that is in disagreement with the trolley operator. For any unknown reason decides to assault the operator. It's totally un provoked, totally unnecessary," said SEPTA police.

According to police, the trolley operator was not seriously injured.

If you recognize the man from the video, please call police.