Baby sitter accused of kidnapping 4-month-old spared prison term

A baby sitter accused of kidnapping a 4-month-old boy after she was found on a train with him has been spared a prison term after she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Nadajia Hill had faced up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

But her public defender argued that Camden County prosecutors couldn't prove the 22-year-old Camden resident intended to permanently deprive the mother of her child, claiming instead that his client had only committed "an act of just great stupidity."

The lawyer noted that Hill had properly cared for the baby while she was with him, but lied to the boy's mother about having a home where she would care for him because she wanted the babysitting payment.

Hill was arrested in March. She eventually pleaded guilty to interfering with custody and recently received a five-year probationary term.