Barricade situation in Franconia Township placed under control

A barricade situation on the 100 block of Bartlett Court in Franconia Township, Pa. has been placed under control.

"When you have all this police activity shutting down the neighborhood it's kind of concerning," said resident Chris Hennessy. He's one of many neighbors who watched well into the night as surrounding streets remained cordoned off.

A man was barricaded inside his home on the 100 block of Bartlett Court since 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

"We didn't know much about what was going on. We just heard it was a single guy in a home and that the police were trying to coax him out," said Hennessy.

SkyFOX flew over the scene after Franconia Township police say someone contacted them to check on their a friend, a 54-year-old man, who was in crisis. That person told police the man had been drinking and was despondent over a personal issue.

Police also say he has guns in the house. Parts of the neighborhood were evacuated as SWAT moved in.

"The streets were all blocked off and they would let anybody through so we had to find off street parking to walk up and get home," said Roger Sofield. He was out walking his dog Libby and was shocked to hear negotiations with the man were still going on more than 8 hours later. Police say the man hadn't responded to door knocks or answered phone calls.

"These incidents don't traditionally happen in this neighborhood around here so the fact that somebody barricaded themselves inside the house was a little shocking," said Sofield.