Bea from Tennessee: Philadelphia Zoo adds 15-month-old giraffe

Zookeepers say Bea was warmly welcomed from Knoxville. Tenn. by heard mates Abigail and Stella. (Photo: Philadelphia Zoo)

There's a new giraffe on Girard Ave. The Philadelphia Zoo on Thursday introduced the newest member of its animal family.

Bea, a 15-month-old female giraffe, is described by zookeepers as "the perfect early Christmas present for our beloved city to rally around."

Standing 8-foot-tall, 1,000 pounds, Bea came to Philadelphia from Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee. Zookeepers say she has been warmly welcomed by herd mates 18-year-old, Stella and 11-year-old Abigail.

Zookeepers say Bea currently stands 8-foot-tall, 1,000 pounds. (Photo: Philadelphia Zoo) Photo: Philadelphia Zoo

Before Bea came to Philadelphia, handlers needed took special preparations to ensure the safe travel of more than 620 miles. Plans included training Bea to get safely into trailer, creating contingency plans, and finding an experienced professional animal transporter.

"The journey was successful and the new trio are doing great. Bea’s calm demeanor has made bonding with Stella and Abby easy. We are very excited to have a young giraffe at Philadelphia Zoo,” the zoo said in a release. 

Giraffes are considered the tallest land animal in the world, according to the zoo. Males can measure 18-feet, 3,000 pounds, while females can grow as big as 15-feet, 1,500 pounds. The animals are currently listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, with scientists estimating only 100,000 remain in the wild.


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