Beloved Family Pet Goes Missing After Tragic Accident

Woodbine, New Jersey--(WTXF)--On a busy stretch of 347, Brooke Harris lost control of her car and it went off the road. You can still see the pieces of her Hyundai, which slammed into a tree. The tragic accident killed the 20-year-old.

In the midst of the tragedy, Harris' beloved dog, Skittles, jumped out of the vehicle and ran away. He hasn't been seen since.

Friends and family say that in her short life, Harris had touched so many, having worked and volunteered for various animal hospitals all over South Jersey.

Friends from the numerous shelters and hospitals have set up a Facebook page for the missing dog. People have been searching on the side of the road, and they're hoping as you travel you'll keep an eye out too.

Harris' mother is too devastated to speak, comforting her surviving daughter, Taylor, who desperately misses her big sister.

"He was my daughter's best friend," said Harris' father, Phillip. "We just need him."