Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of MLK Jr., speaks at Black History Month event in Philadelphia

On the final weekend of Black History Month, Philadelphia leaders welcomed Dr. Bernice King for a forum at the historic Mother Bethel A.M.E Church.

Morgan Lloyd, with the African American Museum in Philadelphia, said the hope is people will take away a feeling of community and empowerment.

"Black History Month is a continual thing," said Lloyd. "We’re here at this historical institution that was one of the foundations for our Black abolitionists and a huge community here in the city. We can also center ourselves into the 60s, looking at Bernice A. King’s family legacy."

Dr. Bernice A. King took the stage as part of the Beloved Community Talks Initiative. She led a discussion with Mother Bethel’s Rev. Mark Kelly Tyler. King said there’s a lot people can learn from what her parents stood for.

"I don’t think we’ve adequately studied and extracted those things that we need to extract to move forward and continue to address those same issues that he was addressing before he was assassinated," said King.

PHILADANCO, the Philadelphia Dance Company, performed a moving rendition of "Everything Must Change," a contemporary work that honors Dr. King's legacy.

King said, unfortunately, a lot of the things her parents were fighting for and against are still prevalent today.

"When they gave child tax credits, it helped a lot of people," King remarked. "What’s wrong with that? This whole ‘We don’t want to give a handout attitude.’ The more we don’t focus on creating an equitable pathway for people, the gap is going to get worse."

As the CEO of the King Center, Bernice has started the Beloved Community Leadership Academy to grow the next generation of leaders.

Her work inspired those in the crowd. "She’s taking the approach of doing the work regardless of what government does," said Pastor Reginald Johnson. "To do it her own business, a nonprofit. So I think many businesses should do the same thing."

Anyone interested in learning more can get information regarding the Beloved Community Talks website, here and The King Center, here.