Beyoncé fans pack the Linc in the rain for Formation Tour concert

"Rain, sleet or snow. We will be here. We are in the beehive," said Michelle Frazier.

She's one of many excited fans who tried to dodge rain drops to get inside the Linc Thursday for Beyonce's Formation Tour concert.

"We love her but I came all the way from D.C to see Beyonce to sit in the rain," said Krystal Austin. She's not the only one. Queen Bey's super fans known as the "Beehive" turned out in large numbers. Not just from Philly but from surrounding areas.

"We've been up since 5am because we had to work. We both had to work a shift before this," said Sarah Clements and her friend. They took the bus from New York and say barring lightning there was no way they'd miss the show.

"I have my poncho ready but it's not a really flattering lemonade style Beyonce poncho so I'm not going to wear it until I absolutely have to," said Clements.

Traffic wrapped around the Linc as fans sat patiently waiting to get in. It's Beyonce's second "Formation Tour" stop in Philly. She was here in June with similar weather and those who didn't make it then say this was a must see.

"I've never seen Beyonce live in concert and I've been a fan since Destiny's Child in 1998. I was like Formation this is the time," said Rasmiyyah Feliciano.