Watch: Bride jokingly blows dust off vows during ceremony as 15-year relationship finally leads to wedding

This wedding was a long time coming, and the bride made sure everyone knew it.

As Christie Jefferies and her groom, Byron, stood before their guests at their October wedding in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, she had a surprise in store when it came time for the couple to exchange their vows.

The bride carefully unfolded the paper with her personal vows to her soon-to-be husband on them — then blew a puff of dust off the top of the sheet.

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She said it was a nod to their 15-year relationship.

Ten Oh Eight Films captured the hilarious moment on video, where the move caused the crowd to immediately erupt in laughter, and brought a surprised smile to Byron's face.

The couple told their videographer that "laughter is key" to their lasting relationship.

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"This dust symbolized all of the love they had given each other until this point but also represented a new beginning for them as husband and wife," the statement said.

The video, which was originally uploaded to TikTok, has been viewed over 19 million times so far.