Bridgeton cab driver helps track down teen accused of robbing him

A Bridgeton, New Jersey, cab driver helped track down a teen who allegedly robbed him.

"I was watching a video on my phone when two kids came from this side from the passenger side," said Mohamad Shehawy as he recalls the terrifying morning he says two teens rushed him while he sat in his cab in the parking lot of S&K Taxi waiting for a call.

"The passenger side guy whose holding the gun pointing the gun at me and they ask me for the money or we're going to shoot," he said. Mohamad told them he didn't have money because he'd just started his shift. One of the young men snatched his cellphone while the other got even more aggressive.

"This guy kept pushing me like I'm serious we're going to shoot you. Get the money. And I tell them ok the money is in the office if you want it."

As the suspect with the gun turned to walk toward the office the other backed away from the car as Mohamad pretended to get out but instead stepped on the gas and began to pull off.

The suspects took off running and in a surprise move Mohamad ditched his getaway plan and went after them. He takes me along to show me where he followed them.

"I took the car this way. I went this way here," he said. Mohamad says one ran into the woods a few blocks away behind a Dunkin Donuts.

"The one with the gun skipped ahead to South Avenue."

By that time Mohamad had called 911.

"When the officer comes he ask me for my phone number. I give him my phone number and that's when they track him with the satellite or something," said Mohamad. Police and K9 tracked the 16-year-old suspect with the gun behind a church. The other suspect got away.

"I felt bad. Those guys they might go to somebody else and I felt like angry. I knew that I was blessed to be alive at this moment so i said I'd give it a shot at least if i can grab one of them."

The 16-year old has been charged with robbery and unlawful possession of a weapon among other charges. The other suspect is believed to be in his late teens to early 20's.