Bucks County DA warns of possible undetonated explosive devices

Authorities are urging residents in Upper Bucks County to be cautious of undetonated explosive devices. The warning comes "in light of developments" in the ongoing investigation into a series of explosions in Bucks County earlier this year.

According to authorities, through the investigation into the activities of David W. Surman Jr. and alleged co-conspirator Tina May Smith, investigators have learned some devices deployed by the Milford Township couple earlier this year may have failed to explode and could still be live.

"As always, our number one priority is to make sure everyone in Bucks County is safe, and we are sharing this information with that priority in mind. This is more an FYI than an SOS," DA Weintraub said, noting there have been no reports of explosions related to the investigation since Surman's June 28 arrest.

"Nonetheless, we will continue to do our best to protect you by working hard to find any unexploded devices that may remain. If you find something suspicious, please do not investigate it on your own. Call 911."

The investigation has concentrated most heavily in the greater Quakertown area, especially Milford Township, as well as locations near Ottsville and Upper Black Eddy.

Surman and Smith, both 31, each face a long list of criminal charges.