Bucks County police department unveils 'Copsicle' ice cream truck for community outreach

In an effort to strengthen commuity ties, the Bensalem Township Police Department will be putting into service their new police ice cream bus referred to as "Copsicle". 

The new initiative will allow for a police officer in a police vehicle ice cream bus to go into the community giving away free ice cream to the youth. 

"This is one more initiative by the Bensalem Township Police Department in forming relationships and breaking down barriers with our youth," officials said. "Bensalem Township has always been proactive and creative in forming new partnerships within our community."

This "Copsicle", which is a converted small school bus, was donated by the school district to the police department keeping with our great relationship.

The police department also received funds from a community coalition called Building a Better Bensalem (B3T) and Creekside Apartments. The bus was then transformed into an ice cream vehicle.



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