Bucks County school districts warn of video allegedly showing bestiality

School districts across the region are warning parents about a highly disturbing video circulating amongst students and on social media. According to district leaders, it shows an illegal sexual act with an animal. Pennsylvania State Police are investigating.

At this point, it is unclear where the video originated from.

A spokeswoman for the Council Rock School District says the video does not involve Council Rock students, nor do they believe the video originated from a Council Rock student.

On Saturday morning, Superintendent Dr. Robert Fraser, sent out the following message to parents/guardians and informed staff of the video:

Dear Parents/ Guardians -

"I'm reaching out this morning to alert you of a very inappropriate video that's being circulated amongst various students in the Bucks County region. Reportedly, some Council Rock students may have seen this video. I feel it is important for you to be aware of its existence, as the video includes an illegal sexual act with an animal. Authorities are currently investigating the origin of the video. I ask that you please be sure that your child does not download or share the video if he/she should receive it. Any individual in possession of the video or who is found to have shared it via phone, email, or social media could be subject to criminal charges.

Thank you for working with us to ensure that your child is aware of the severity of this matter."

The Quakertown School District sent home a similar message, noting it also did not involve students, but said the video showed "an illegal act of bestiality."

Fox 29 legal analyst and attorney, Ken Rothweiler, says parents need to understand the video itself is not only criminal, but so is sharing it.

He has not seen the video, but weighed in based on the information from schools. He says if the person in the video was a minor, it is child pornography.

"That would subject to 10 years imprisonment, that would be considered a second degree felony," Rothweiler says. "If she then distributed to other people and those other people and looked at it and or distributed it, that would be considered a 3rd degree felony, and they would be subject to up to 5 years imprisonment."

Rothweiler says even if the person in the video was an adult, that type of content is still illegal.

"Kids you know being kids, their inclination would be to open up and look at it and I think parents need to be very strict with their children letting them know that's a crime," he says. "They have to inform their children this is a very serious crime that could impact their future."

The video allegedly has the caption that notes the person is from "Central."

A spokesman for the Bucks County District Attorney's Office says they have no information that the video involved a county student, or that a student is facing charges.