Cab driver stabbed multiple times over fare dispute in Camden

A taxi cab driver is expected to be OK after he was stabbed over a fare outside an apartment complex in Camden.

Police said they think the 50-year-old cabbie -- now identified as Juan Fortuna -- and his passenger got into an argument at about midnight near Front and State streets.

FOX 29's Dave Kinchen talked to the victim's daughter's boyfriend, Brandon Ramos, who said the passenger asked if the victim had change for a $50 bill.

Then, the passenger stabbed the driver seven times in the shoulder. He crashed his car on purpose to create a scene.

The attacker got out through a window, head first, and ran off.

Then, a woman took him to Cooper University Hospital. The family says Fortuna is stable and will be OK.

Ramos told Kinchen the victim has been a cab driver for a long time, maybe 20 years.