Camden restaurant owner gunned down, surveillance may be key in resolution

Someone shot and killed a 38-year-old man in Camden Tuesday and now police are hoping a key piece of evidence can help find the whoever pulled the trigger.

It's new surveillance video showing a man Camden police say may be connected to the murder of 38-year-old Miguel Rodriguez-Zavala.

The video is from the early morning hours of August 28th and was recorded outside the shooting scene on Federal Street near 24th Street.

A person with a gun is apparently having an argument with the victim, who is blurred, according to family members.

They say Rodriguez ran the restaurant El Taco Loco for 10 years and may have been stalked by the shooter before he was killed.

Police say a 60-year-old man, who was friends with the victim, was found beaten nearby.

"Somebody told me around 6:30 the morning that he was hurt. I tried to call him, I sent text messages to him. I didn't get no answer. When they told me he was dead, I couldn't believe it," said Antonio Muniz, a nearby business owner.

Police are asking anyone with information to please contact Camden County Police or the prosecutor's office.