Carney vetoes 2 tax bills sponsored by fellow Democrats

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Gov. John Carney has vetoed two tax bills sponsored by fellow Democrats.

One measure vetoed Friday converted a school property tax credit for senior citizens to a means-tested refundable income tax credit.

The second bill changed Delaware's Earned Income Tax Credit program, which allows a nonrefundable credit for low-income workers of up to 20 percent of the corresponding federal earned income credit.

The bill would have made the credit refundable, meaning a person could get a tax "refund" even if he didn't owe any tax, while limiting the credit to 5.9 percent of the federal credit.

Both bills were passed months ago but not sent to Carney until this week, giving him 10 days to either veto them, sign them or allow them to become law without his signature.