Caught on camera, truck hits power lines leaving Gloucester County family in the dark for days

Caught on camera, a truck hits power lines on a South Jersey street, leaving people in the dark for days. Police are now looking for the driver of the truck.

"It’s been a nightmare," stated homeowner Christine Gullifer.

Caught on neighbors’ cameras, it only took a few seconds for the truck, bucket in the air, to leave Gullifer and her three children in the dark for two days and, even worse, with the aftermath to deal with.

"It was extremely loud and shook the house and scared my five-year-old really bad. We didn’t realize what actually happened until the police knocked on our door," Gullifer explained.

"I look out the window and see this bucket truck driving down the street with the bucket fully extended up in the air and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first," said neighbor Dave Grunewald.

Deptford Township police are calling it a hit-and-run and posted still pictures of the truck on their Facebook page, asking for information.

They say it happened around 11:45 Sunday morning on Linda Lane in Deptford.

Neighbors who witnessed the ordeal say after ripping Christine’s wires clean off her home, sending her meter into a tree, the truck briefly stopped, then continued and hit wires again, ripping siding off a home and damaging a utility pole.

"I came out to look at our house and, as I was doing that he lowered the bucket down and just got back in and drove off. I turn around and he’s driving away. I couldn’t believe it," Grunewald elaborated.

Grunewald says the white truck just said "Electrical Contractor" on the side. No name or number.

Fortunately, PSE&G crews worked to restore power at Christine’s home Tuesday and fixed the pole.

She does have homeowner’s insurance to help with the meter, siding and gutter repairs, but she says they can’t afford the deductible right now.

"Turn yourself in and be responsible," Christine remarked.

"Unfortunate that people aren’t very honest these days," Grunewald added.

Anyonewith information is asked to contact Deptford Township Police at 856-845-2220.


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