CBP: Woman tried to smuggle heroin taped onto buttocks at Arizona-Mexico border

Officials with the United States Customs and Border Protection said three Arizonans -- all women -- have been arrested at the Port of Nogales Tuesday, and accused of smuggling drugs.

According to a statement released Thursday, all of the arrests happened at the Dennis DeConcini crossing, and the first woman arrested is a 38-year-old from Peoria. She was reportedly going back to Mexico, and nearly 22 pounds of meth were found in the rear quarter panels of the SUV she was driving.

The drugs found in that vehicle are worth about $65,000, according to CBP officials.

During the afternoon hours, officials found a 47-year-old from Nogales had close to three pounds of heroin hidden inside the back of her pants. The woman, according to officials, was entering the U.S. via the pedestrian lanes, and the drugs found on her person is worth over $45,000.

Later on, officials said a 26-year-old from Rio Rico was referred for an additional inspection of her sedan, as she was returning from Mexico. Officers reportedly found over 10 pounds of heroin, after a narcotics-detection canine was alerted to the back of the car. The drugs are reportedly worth over $178,000.

Officials said the three women were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement's homeland security investigations team.