Celebrating New Year's Eve Philly style

People don't need to travel to New York City to ring in the new year - Philadelphia has its own party.

"It's turning into a tradition," said Maureen Bennett. "We're here for the fireworks, for the music. We're here with our friends."

For the Bennett family, from Perkiomenville, a trip to Philly has become a New Year's Eve tradition. And, this year they brought a friend from Florida.

"What's the temperature right now in Florida?" asked Fox 29's Chris O'Connell.
"I think when I left the airport it was about 80 degrees. Got here, it was about 30," said Cole Taylor.

The first of two fireworks displays went off even in the rain and under shroud of fog. So good, even the Morales family from New York skipped Times Square for Philly.

"I'm a New Yorker, but a Philly fan," explained Hector Morales.
"You like this, don't you?" asked O'Connell.
"I love it," said Morales.
"It's beautiful," O'Connell stated.
"Yes. It's gorgeous. It's gorgeous," said Morales.

Steve and Annie from Galloway, New Jersey come for fireworks and the Mummers Parade every year. They say they'll take this year's rain over last year's cold.

"Wet and warm. Wet and warm. And, way better than 6 degrees. Cold and cold last year," stated Steve Bowers.

"When we get home, I'm going to turn on the fire, get a blanket and get in my onesie and get warm," Ella Kerr said.

For many, the new year brings new beginnings and new resolutions.

"New resolutions?" asked O'Connell.
"Yea," said Perry Dennis.
"It all starts tonight?" asked O'Connell.
"Tomorrow morning," answered Dennis.
"We'll wait to get up," said O'Connell.
"Yes," replied Dennis.