Centenarian speaks to kids on 100th day of school

A 100th day of school lesson some Montgomery County students will never forget because while they've made it through 100 days of school--their guest speaker has been through 100 years of life.

FOX 29's Bill Rohrer has the story.

It was the 100th day of school for the students at Perelman Jewish Day School in Wynewood. Centenarian Nettie Levitt Weiss has the fourth and fifth graders here hanging on every word.

"To have the opportunity to bring someone in who has actually experienced 100 years of life and share her experience with our students is just a very special gift," Head of School Judy Groner said.

The students had about a dozen questions.

What inventions changed your life the most?

"Over my lifetime technology has advanced greatly. I can remember my mother standing over a washing board and washing clothes," she said.

Some quizzed Nettie about her family.

"I have a big family. I have 10 grandchildren and I have 15 great grandchildren."

While others wanted to know what Nettie did for fun.

"For 10 cents we could to the movies and see a regular long movie," she said.

But most students just listened to historic events witnessed from a person ten times their age.

"I didn't go to college because the country was going through a very bad depression, which meant many people were out of work and there was very little money around."

For most kids, this is this first time meeting someone Nettie's age.

Nettie loved sharing her life experiences with the students at Perelman. However, she did leave one question unanswered--sort of.

"I guess I have the proper genes. I was born with to be able to live to be 101 years old."